Questions for which I’ve heard neither concise nor comprehensive answers…

  • Where can I read more about feedback loops in models?
  • If you heavily rely on analytics, you might miss breakthroughs because you’re so stuck on gradually evolving… how do you balance learning from feedback loops and simply taking a leap with your gut?
  • In the tech world, I see three stereotypes: engineers who are clueless about the bottom line, artists who don’t care, and venture capitalists who think of nothing else. How do I balance the underlying motives?
  • How do you decide on your hobbies?
  • People always talk about the hype bubble in Silicon Valley. What are things you see missing/underhyped in today’s Silicon Valley?
  • How do I as a student identify what to learn that will be of value in ten years? (today’s pop marketing focuses on social media, etc–for my long-term education, how do I know what’s fundamental and what’s just noise?)
  • In Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore talks about pragmatists versus visionaries in the adoption curve–do you have any tactics for getting them to quickly self-identify so you don’t waste time on customers who aren’t ready for you?
  • What’s your advice about hiring sales/marketing folks? (I was intrigued by “When he said, “about ten percent,” I knew by the embarrassed look on his face I had found the right guy.“)

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