The (impending) death of XM Radio

Doing dishes in the kitchen listening to Pandora.

High-speed inexpensive internet access is here. Right now. (My parents pay $40 a month for Sprint EVDO service.)

With a laptop, an EVDO modem, and a cassette adapter, I can listen to whatever I want. Legally. I can search by author, genre, song title–you name it.

Why XM??

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  1. Back in the day I used Pandora.

    "Dear Pandora Visitor,
    We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S. "


  2. Few reasons:

    1. In my car directly integrated with my radio – no additional laptop, etc needed. Thus I still have a passenger seat for passengers and I'm not distracted by the gear.
    2. In my office, where streaming of any media is highly discouraged, it allows me commercial free access to music I can't get over FM.
    3. Cheaper than the EVDO service – even with two subscriptions (Car and office)

  3. @Robert–bummer… Didn't know that! @Ford–true thoughts. My thought was that wireless internet technology is slowly eradicating some of the niche markets. Yeah–XM/Sirius is still preferable to alternatives, but won't be long until better GUI systems exist that dovetail with an EVDO-like service to make a wider range of music more easily navigable.


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