Oct 14 2009

Facebook Newsfeed Optimization

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Back in May of ’09, I began managing all the Facebook marketing for Mint.com, and in four months I quadrupled (4x) traffic from Facebook–>Mint.com. Soon, more and more companies wanted me to manage their Facebook marketing…

Eventually, I received so much work through word-of-mouth that I hired a few really smart friends and started a company: BrandGlue.com

We help companies use Facebook to build brands and sell products–primarily through Fan pages.

A few of our clients:
• Intel
• Microsoft
• Mint.com
• David Allen (“Getting Things Done”)
• Kiva.org
• SlideShare
• ICanHasCheezburger/FailBlog.org

We optimize for the Facebook newsfeed algorithm, increase conversions from visitors–>fans, and integrate Facebook into the rest of your marketing (e-mail, website, offline, etc).

Latest success story: We grew facebook.com/failbooking from 16K fans to 41K fans in one week–with ZERO ad spend.

You should check us out: BrandGlue.com

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