Definition: “Wall-able”–the goal of all creative content

Earlier this spring, I created an application for a super-exclusive internship. There was one catch–the application requirements consisted solely of the following: “Send in a 4-page PDF–you decide what’s on it, that’s part of the application process.”

After spending many hours thinking about the intersection of the internship and my goals, I decided to create a resume that anyone would find interesting to read, whether or not they hired me.

I want my creative content to be “wall-able.” Something you post on your fridge, e-mail your friend, and print for your son. Content worth the world’s time.

While I didn’t get the internship, I do have a 4-page PDF that many, many people have enjoyed. (It also landed me some internship opportunities that were even better than the original internship!)


Is your creative content wall-able?


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