My non-traditional resume: Seth Godin’s Internship Application

Back in March, best-selling author and thought-leader Seth Godin announced a summer internship:

Send your application (you decide what’s on it, that’s part of the application) as a pdf of no longer than four pages…

So I created this PDF.

(Unfortunately, the text is only readable in full screen.)

There are no shortcuts to wall-able content–creating this took over fifty hours. During the brainstorming process, I filled an entire notebook. Occasionally, I became bored… even frustrated with my lack of direction.

It paid off though–I received nothing but rave reviews, and it’s rewarding to have others say they were inspired to be exceptional.

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  1. Nope–didn't get it.

    I'd say unfortunately, but it's turned out well…
    I'm involved with a project for Seth, and had other fascinating opportunities!

    There's only one paragraph on the last page that is specifically about Seth. I e-mailed other people who are world-shapers, and changed the paragraph to target them.

  2. Excellent work Jeff.

    I saw Godin's announcement back in March, but I had neither the experience nor available time to apply, though I was very curious as to what sort of 4-page PDF files he might receive… If yours didn't win the internship, I can't even imagine what some of the others looked like.

    Still, congrats on joining in on a project with him… plus, you now have a very powerful tool for future project-seeking.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Be inspired to be exceptional–the frustrating part… getting from above-average to amazing–it's so worthwhile! (Though seems doubtful at the time.)

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  5. Great application – but, I'd say if you want to really blow it up, lean it up. Each page has so much going on that I'm fighting to stay on the content that you want us too.

    I'd rather it be a 30 page pdf with less content on each page, then a 4 page one with TONS of info to sort through. Just a thought…

  6. Wow! I've always found your 4-page pdf so inspiring! I first found out about it after Seth's Alternative MBA came out. And I've referred back to it from time to time for inspiration. I just found out now that you didn't get in! *blown away*

    Good luck with everything you're doing now! And I'm glad a lot of opportunities opened up to you after this.

    – Marita 🙂

  7. Jeff, I just sent your application slide show to a friend in Chicago. At 53, she just finished her MBA and is applying for work with no success. Her resume is very specific about her may skills and qualifications….. and boring. My hope is she will be inspired to take a risk and shine differently. You are delightfully different.

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