The emotional side of being an entrepreneur and the values that drive me day-to-day…

I’d done a fair number of interviews lately, mostly about Facebook Analytics and EdgeRank. So it was a refreshing change when Dale from TrekDek asked for an interview about the emotional side of being an entrepreneur and the values that drive me day-to-day. Read the full interview.

Speaking at TEDx Zagreb in a few hours…

Here’s the rather random backstory about how I found myself in Croatia preparing to speak on “business networking.” Eighteen months ago, Ryan Stephens graciously asked me to do a guest post on his blog about my approach to networking. I don’t pretend that I’m an amazing networker who can solve all your problems. Generally I’m […]

How to Hire And Work With a Virtual Assistant

I used to rely heavily on a virtual assistant, and got a lot of questions about the process. This blog post tries to answer them. These days I spend most of my time writing code and very little time managing emails/meetings, so when my last VA graduated college and moved onto a real job, I didn’t […]

I’m officially a college graduate!

Hey all–I officially graduated college in the middle of September. Thx for all the support, encouragement, and friendly ribbing… PS: Out of all the time I’ve spent learning how to negotiate, this was by far the most useful 90 minutes: Stanford Podcast with Joel Peterson.

Facebook Newsfeed Optimization

Back in May of ’09, I began managing all the Facebook marketing for, and in four months I quadrupled (4x) traffic from Facebook–> Soon, more and more companies wanted me to manage their Facebook marketing… Eventually, I received so much work through word-of-mouth that I hired a few of my really smart friends and […]

The 21 questions my friend asks me every night over the phone

Several months ago, I attended the GTD Conference, where I heard Marshall Goldsmith describe what he called “Peer Coaching”: Every day Jim asks Marshall the same 24 questions. Every day Marshall asks Jim the same 17 questions. Marshall and Jim each have a spreadsheet of each other’s questions where they record for each other the […]

Painting corners: How do you make decisions when your choices have unknown pros/cons?

(My secret sauce for decision-making. So simple… I must be stupid to benefit from this.) The background: For the past three summers, I’ve spent a week in the outdoors with my friends Ryan and Matt (one of those rare types with zero Google presence). We’ve gone backpacking, canoing, overseas, etc. These trips were great fun, […]

A thought provoking e-mail…

Recently Sean Murphy sent me this thought-provoking email. Perhaps you will enjoy it as well… (He gave permission to post publicly.) ———————- Thanks for the update. You are too well rounded and spiritually inclined to become a billionaire. I am confident that you are going to meet with considerable success in this life, I think you should be […]

Box T Bible & Saddle Camp: Saying goodbye to a piece of my past…

[Purely personal post.] It’s almost summer–and I’m excited about the next six months… Visit my family, hike the Grand Canyon, etc. But it’s also time to say goodbye to a huge chunk of my life… a piece I can tell you about, but you’ll never really know. For six of the past seven summers, I’ve […]

Just Learned A Friend Died–Three Nights Ago He Was Telling Me What Mattered In Life

[My apologies for the lack of artful brevity in this post. I’m just typing this one out on the fly.] I met Rollan at Pub Night–a weekly hang-out of twenty-something Christians in the Palo Alto area.  Rollan was a gregarious Asian, forty-six years old, divorced, with three kids. Despite his age, he occasionally dropped by, […]