How to display current virtualenv in your ZSH Prezto theme

It’s been a few years since I switched from Bash to ZSH on my personal laptop, and I’ve never regretted it. Out of the box, ZSH isn’t that great, but after customizing it using Prezto it’s an amazing timesaver in a lot of little ways. Oh-My-ZSH is the most well-known ZSH customization framework, but it’s gotten pretty […]

Serving multiple Flask apps via uWSGI + Nginx

Someone on the Flask mailing list asked how to serve multiple Flask apps via uWSGI + Nginx. Anytime you’re working with uWSGI there are multiple ways to do things, but here’s how I do things for I spent several days reading the uWSGI docs + various blog posts around the net, so this should be […]

MySQL Tuning Tutorial for a Xenforo or WordPress VPS

When I first started managing my own servers, I had no idea how to tune MySQL. I would read various forum posts where people talked about the necessity of ‘proper tuning’, but when I looked at the official docs, I struggled to differentiate between what really needed tuning versus what was an arcane option that only […]

The emotional side of being an entrepreneur and the values that drive me day-to-day…

I’d done a fair number of interviews lately, mostly about Facebook Analytics and EdgeRank. So it was a refreshing change when Dale from TrekDek asked for an interview about the emotional side of being an entrepreneur and the values that drive me day-to-day. Read the full interview.

Speaking at TEDx Zagreb in a few hours…

Here’s the rather random backstory about how I found myself in Croatia preparing to speak on “business networking.” Eighteen months ago, Ryan Stephens graciously asked me to do a guest post on his blog about my approach to networking. I don’t pretend that I’m an amazing networker who can solve all your problems. Generally I’m […]

How to Hire And Work With a Virtual Assistant

I used to rely heavily on a virtual assistant, and got a lot of questions about the process. This blog post tries to answer them. These days I spend most of my time writing code and very little time managing emails/meetings, so when my last VA graduated college and moved onto a real job, I didn’t […]

I’m officially a college graduate!

Hey all–I officially graduated college in the middle of September. Thx for all the support, encouragement, and friendly ribbing… PS: Out of all the time I’ve spent learning how to negotiate, this was by far the most useful 90 minutes: Stanford Podcast with Joel Peterson.

Facebook Newsfeed Optimization

Back in May of ’09, I began managing all the Facebook marketing for, and in four months I quadrupled (4x) traffic from Facebook–> Soon, more and more companies wanted me to manage their Facebook marketing… Eventually, I received so much work through word-of-mouth that I hired a few of my really smart friends and […]

The 21 questions my friend asks me every night over the phone

Several months ago, I attended the GTD Conference, where I heard Marshall Goldsmith describe what he called “Peer Coaching”: Every day Jim asks Marshall the same 24 questions. Every day Marshall asks Jim the same 17 questions. Marshall and Jim each have a spreadsheet of each other’s questions where they record for each other the […]

Painting corners: How do you make decisions when your choices have unknown pros/cons?

(My secret sauce for decision-making. So simple… I must be stupid to benefit from this.) The background: For the past three summers, I’ve spent a week in the outdoors with my friends Ryan and Matt (one of those rare types with zero Google presence). We’ve gone backpacking, canoing, overseas, etc. These trips were great fun, […]