Design and Logos: More than the basics, less than the textbooks

Several months ago, I was doing some rough conceptual work for a personal logo.

Here’s my steps:

  • Need–do I need a logo?
    (I do enough creative content that I thought a logo might enhance my personal branding.)
  • Vision–what do I want to communicate with a logo?
    (Vision involves injecting yourself–your ability, passion, and experiences into a solution for the need.)
  • Design–how am I going to communicate my vision with my logo?
    (Create a wall-able design. Understand how shapes relate to emotions.)
  • Iterate–try something, revamp, and do it again. And again. 
    (Target: 100% reader accuracy in the Retail Alphabet Game.)
  • Implement–spread the logo love.
    (But please, not on every single slide!


Ultimately, I got hung up on vision, only to realize that a personal logo is a little too corporate right now. It’s a nice touch, but instead I just need something for favicons, the occasional slidedeck, and avatars. A stylized comic of my head is probably more appropriate than a shape-based logo.

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