(Title format derived from SAT analogies–it must be PSAT time because this post is drawing over half my traffic.)


flailingWhen it comes to life, you certainly get your money’s worth!

-Karl Klaesius (friend & mentor)


Life is full.
Of opportunities.
For success. Or failure.
But most often. Simply distraction.



A particular quote keeps showing up in my life:

Be prepared for success.

-Steve Brock (at a KIROS breakfast)

Steve tells this to his clients all the time. So often, they prep for failure–emotionally, architecturally, and financially. Not a bad thing. But they fail to prep for success. So do we.

With success comes attention… and distractions.
But the people who consistently accomplish remain focused on the fundamentals. They do, rather than talk.

Recently, I brainstormed how to leverage some unique relationships I’d built–but I kept running into a brick wall. Eventually, I wordsmithed my own memorable quote:

An abundance of resources does not constitute a solution.

Aidan explains more.


When it comes to social media best practices, I’ve been tempted to think that meeting more people (face-to-face, phone, or Facebook) automagically solves problems. I’ve learned it automatically creates distractions.

Sometimes, preparing for success means learning to politely say no. Even in social media.

(Charlie, you better start practicing!)

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